• Sell your business
    with confidence
  • Receive Maximum Value
    for your Business
  • Sell Your Business in a
    fast time frame
  • Free advice
    whenever you need it
  • Northamptonshire

Portfolio has been well managed over 25 Years

208 Fully Managed properties 

No Let Only

Annual Fee Income £132,000

Looking at offers around£225,000

About the Haversley Group

The Haversley Group was founded in 2007 by Mike Bunning. Mike’s vast experience in the industry stretches back over thirty years. Mike owned a very successful Estate Agent, Sales and Mortgage Company in Southern California and on returning back to his roots, a few years ago, saw an opening in the market for a company that would exclusively sell lettings businesses.

  Development Potential Success




The Haversley Group has developed and currently has over 2,900 buyers looking to acquire other lettings businesses or portfolios throughout the UK. Mike has been a successful entrepreneur throughout his life and this experience has enabled him to acquire a full understanding of the 


 requirements of not only clients looking to sell their businesses, but also potential buyers looking to enhance their existing business, or potential start-up buyers looking to conquer the market. The Haversley Group’s success is attributed to their ability to work with all agencies irrespective of the size and location. Unlike 


most other companies who sell businesses, a huge part of our success is not charging up-front fees, not tying clients into long term contracts, having competitive commission rates and being available by telephone seven days a week. The Haversley Group is now the UK’s premier Letting Agent Broker.


What our clients say about us

" Keith, Yorkshire"

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