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Portfolio has been well managed over 25 Years

208 Fully Managed properties 

No Let Only

Annual Fee Income £132,000

Looking at offers around£225,000

Purchasing a Lettings Business

Whether you’re an existing letting agent looking to expand your business or a person considering entering the lucrative lettings business – we can help you to find a business in the location you are considering.

We do have many lettings businesses currently on the market and every week we have new businesses becoming available. It is advisable to be placed on our buyers list in order that we can notify you of new businesses as soon as we receive instructions. We can also give you advance notice of other businesses that will be offered on the market in the near future.

  Funding Stand-alone Bolt-on




Because the market is extremely vibrant the majority of lettings businesses are sold within a few weeks, so for a new buyer it is very important to have funding in place.
We typically sell a lettings business in two ways:

  • Stand-alone - This is where the business is only being sold as a complete business including taking over the premises and lease. The purchaser would take on other company liabilities and commitments. Purchasing a ‘stand-alone’ business would invariably be valued or sold based on multiples on net profit.
  • Bolt-on - This is where the business is sold as a portfolio sale and the purchaser only buys the book. 

In this case the buyer would not be responsible for the liability of the lease and other expenses that have been incurred by the business (apart from staff – this is a separate issue).

In both of these examples we would strongly advise you to call us in order that we can explain these in more detail.

What our clients say about us

"  Without a doubt Mike is a genuine, professional and knowledgeable agent who knows this ... LW, Yorkshire"

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