Mastering Your Business Sale: The Essential Guide to Preparation for Maximum Value

Are you thinking about selling your business or figuring out how to step away from it? Well, let’s talk about why you need to start getting ready.

The time for preparation is now. From ensuring your business runs smoothly to optimizing your financials, meticulous planning is the key to unlocking the best price for your business.

Trust me, it’s all about planning ahead to secure the best deal possible.

Presenting your business at it’s absolute best is essential. Whether you are dealing with prospective buyers who are new entrants to the market, independent agents, franchisees, or corporate agencies, they all need to see the greatness of what you are offering, the independence of the business from you, and its solid clientele, all in a single meeting.

Some 15 years ago, the regulatory landscape was very different than it is today. Businesses growing organically reacting to changes in the law can sometimes fail to stop and review the business operations as to how a buyer would see it. In addition, just think how you would set up a new agency in today’s landscape with full integration of Prop tech, open-source banking and a seamless end to end client journey for example.  Regulatory compliance may get overlooked on a day-to-day basis by staff and management alike as there isn’t always coherence between the software, staff and processes. Let’s face it, most businesses don’t have an in-house compliance officer so it’s no surprise that things fall through the gap.

Unfortunately, at the time of the sale of the business any potential non-compliance can lead to hefty repercussions, including financial liabilities through warranties and indemnities to the buyers who don’t want to take on the risk, loss of the sale altogether and legal battles that can overshadow the sale for years to come.

So, how do you prepare effectively?
  1. Identify your Unique Selling Point
  2. Define your target market for landlords and sellers and their strengths and how you mitigate any weaknesses.
  3. Evaluate your staff’s strengths, weaknesses, and ensure training is up to date.
  4. Ensure accuracy and implementation of policies and procedures.
  5. Verify compliance in business contracts, regulatory documents, and your website.
  6. Validate compliance within your property portfolio.

Easy right?

Here’s the catch: sometimes, you’re too close to see objectively. Running compliance checks can be similarly challenging when you’re deeply entrenched in your business. That’s where fresh eyes and a new perspective becomes invaluable.

Navigating the sale process demands time and dedication. It’s a journey that requires meticulous attention to detail, from interviewing perspective buyers to complying with due diligence requirements. Failing to prepare adequately can result in missed opportunities or reduced sale prices, as illustrated by business sales that faltered due to lack of preparation.

e.g. Procedures not followed by staff lead to thousands in potential claims for non-compliance leading to the buyer refusing to complete.

Initial business valuation: £850,000 but eventually sold as asset sale at £1000 per property due to potential fines of £3 million.

Years of paper documents containing original contracts stored off site made the sale so slow that the buyers pulled out.

Early review and preparation offer several benefits:
  1. Opportunity to address any issues.
  2. Potential to trade out of problems.
  3. Ability to mitigate liabilities.
  4. Ample time to ready yourself and your business for the sale process.

At Stanley Strategic Consultants LLP, we specialize in guiding businesses through the preparation process for a successful sale. From reviewing systems and processes to conducting pre-sale due diligence checks as well as due diligence during sale, we help you to prime your business to not only captivate potential buyers and secure the best possible price but also ensure your business is ready for the completion of the sale. We are the link between your sales agent and your solicitors, helping you to physically prepare for the sale.

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